This page contains changes to the API methods or information about changes in the documentation itself. Please reach out to in case you have any questions.

Pending changes

There are currently no planned changes to the Smartcat API.


The parameter "unzip" has been added to the method for Uploading multiple files to a specified path in storage. It allows to extract files from uploaded zip file(-s) instead of saving zip as-is.


The ability to specify settings for multilingual Excel document upload has been released. Please find the desctiption here: Add document to a project

disassembleAlgorithmName parameter value has to equal "MultilingualExcel_v2" for the disassembleSettings settings to be applied.


We released a new API method for calculating project statistics with and without internal fuzzy matches. Accounting internal fuzzy matches can be enabled or disabled with the PUT /api/integration/v1/project/{projectId}/fuzzyRepetitions method. After that, a new statistics snapshot can be built with POST /api​/integration​/v1​/project​/{projectId}​/statistics​/build


New set of API methods for working with project tasks was added. Please find them here: API methods for project tasks


The method GET /v1/project/list is deprecated and will not be available from September 2022. Please use a newer version of the API, GET /v2/project/list, which supports pagination.


The method POST /v1/glossary/import now accepts the files of size limited to 10MB.


GET /v1/project/list has been superceded with GET /v2/project/list method that now accepts result pagination.


POST /api/integration/v1/project/document method can now accept the enableOcr parameter to disable the OCR. Default value is 'true'.


GET /v1/project/list method can now accept the assignedToUserId parameter so that one can filter projects by a particular supplier