Getting started

So, you want to integrate with Smartcat — that's a great place to start. Below you will learn about the available options.


The simplest method for integrating your CMS with Smartcat is by using the built-in connectors that allow you to set up data synchronization in several clicks.

Just go to your Smartcat account, hit 'Create project', and select the third-party system that you want to connect with.

To explore available connectors check out our Integrations Page.


When it comes to specific integration needs not typically related to software localization (integration with your payment systems, notifications, statistics), we offer you a REST API. It provides atomic methods and access to different objects and properties of your account, allowing you to implement the integration exactly the way you need it, and in any programming language.

To get a grasp on how to integrate with Smartcat API, begin with our API guides. Then you can go to the API reference to find out how to use the specific methods.

Also, you can reference to a Postman collection with most frequently used requests to build your integration with Smartcat REST API. Please find that collection here: Smartcat REST API examples.

Software Localization Projects in Smartcat

In addition to regular document-based projects, Smartcat offers a different way of managing keys (strings) that is more suitable for software localization projects.

Key Benefits

  1. Software keys (strings) are managed on the platform (Smartcat becomes the source of truth for all of your software copy)
  2. UX writers and product managers change the copy by themselves, without distracting developers
  3. Developers act as content consumers by exporting the needed subset of keys in a format of their choice
  4. Developers can import source strings and translations in various developer file formats, and export translations in various file formats as well
  5. REST API and CLI offer easy integration with CI/CD pipelines

You can find out more about software localization projects here: Software Localization Projects.

Smartcat CLI

Smartcat CLI (Command-Line Interface) is a cross-platform tool that allows to perform certain actions (mostly related to uploading / downloading content) from a command line or automation scripts.

Please find the guide on how to install and use this tool here: Smartcat CLI.