This page contains changes to the API methods or information about changes in the documentation itself. Please reach out to in case you have any questions.

Pending changes

  1. We're planning to mark POST /v1/invoice/job and POST /v2/invoice/job methods as obsolete in favor of POST /v3/invoice/job. The new version of the API will have no way to specify preferred supplier's currency, as we didn't see this feature being used by our clients. Invoices will always be generated in the currency the client is working in.

  2. POST /v1/project/{project_id}/translationmemories method currently doesn't allow to specify an empty list of translation memories. We're planning to re-introduce this ability as a way to remove all TMs from a project.


The method GET /v1/project/list is deprecated and will not be available from September 2022. Please use a newer version of the API, GET /v2/project/list, which supports pagination.


The method POST /v1/glossary/import now accepts the files of size limited to 10MB.


GET /v1/project/list has been superceded with GET /v2/project/list method that now accepts result pagination.


POST /api/integration/v1/project/document method can now accept the enableOcr parameter to disable the OCR. Default value is 'true'.


GET /v1/project/list method can now accept the assignedToUserId parameter so that one can filter projects by a particular supplier